Fire Safety Engineering

Fire Safety Engineering

Compliance With Your Building In Mind

Following the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions in the BCA is one way to achieve your buildings’ necessary approvals. However, this can sometimes come at the expense of ambitious and innovative building design or add to both your project timeline and budget. That’s where Performance Solutions come in.

Performance Solutions are an alternative way to comply with building safety regulations. They’re entirely bespoke and are signed off by a Certifier – Fire Safety.

Our solutions are flexible and designed to suit your design vision, budget, project timeline, and occupant requirements – all the while ensuring occupant safety.

We work with your design team to deliver design solutions that are safe, compliant and most importantly, the right fit for your project.

Our Performance Solutions are tailor-made to fit the unique needs of our clients and their design vision.

Our Services

Design Advice

New build or refurbishment…we’ll work with your design team to give you flexibility and options for your buildings’ safety and compliance, so you can make the decisions that are best for your project timeline, budget and design vision.

Liaise with the Fire Brigade

Does your Performance Solution require collaboration with the Fire Brigade?

We can manage the process from first contact to approval so that you have a smooth and fuss-free approval process, without confusion and surprises.

Investigate Fire Safety Orders and Safety Issues

If you’ve received a Fire Safety Order on your building we can help you investigate and resolve the issue.

This means a thorough inspection of your site and analysis of your building’s compliance history.

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