Green Star – Building a Sustainable Future

What is Green Star?

Developed in 2003 and driven by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Green Star is Australia’s only national, voluntary and truly holistic rating system for sustainable interiors, buildings and communities.

Green Star ratings are independently verified and internationally recognised.

Undertaking Green Star certification demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental care, and social responsibility.

Green Star has a performance rating solution for the following categories:

Buildings & Design as Built

Each project is examined across multiple criteria, using a rating scale to measure and reward projects that achieve best practice or above in their sustainability outcomes.

Choosing a Green Star Certifier

Credwell boasts experienced and dedicated Green Star certification specialists. They proudly advocate for excellence and innovation in the built environment and the broader community.

Our team of Green Star Accredited Professionals understand the practical implications of all the certification criteria and have the advantage of interdisciplinary teams to ensure the criteria are seamlessly cross referenced with regulatory requirements.

What places Credwell as the number one choice for achieving your project’s Green Star rating is our capacity to work hand-in-glove with every sustainability and regulatory requirement your project will encounter, at all stages of its lifecycle.

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Choosing a Green Star Certifier

GBC Resources

Introducing Green Star

GBC Resources

The Business Case

Green Star-certified projects can*

  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value
  • Use 66% less electricity than average Australian buildings
  • Use 51% less potable water than the average Australian building built to meet minimum industry requirements
  • Boost productivity due to better indoor environments
  • Produce 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of occupants
  • Increase student learning and engagement
  • Speed up recovery times of hospital patients
  • Reduce risk and ‘future proof’ investments
  • Deliver a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace

* Introducing Green Star, October 2020

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Credwell ESD Consultants take pride in helping clients and their projects reach their full potential. We can assist with any Green Star project – Australia wide.