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National Construction Code / BCA

Creating Confidence in Construction

The BCA sits within the framework of the National Construction Code (NCC) which sets out the essential technical requirements for new buildings and new work to existing buildings.

Credwell consultants have an unparalleled understanding of the BCA and what is required to bring your project to fruition in a timely and cost-effective manner without design compromise.

Our trusted advice is based on rigorous technical analysis, comparing your project against BCA requirements. We use a range of tools and knowledge which enables us to determine where you will encounter compliance issues and how to avoid them.

We submit our expert findings using a range of specialised tools and knowledge, that provide the most effective approach to achieving compliance and ultimately project success.

Our Services

Credwell Consulting are experts on the Building Code of Australia and can help provide advice to ensure that your project stays on track.

Credwell’s Building Surveyors can review the proposed plans as part of the Development Approval and Construction Certificate Approval processes to determine variations to the Building Code and help determine efficient and practical strategies to ensure timely approvals.

While reviewing and providing advice Credwell can provide mark ups on the plans to help determine non-compliant designs and provide solutions.

Credwell can conduct inspections through any stage of an existing or new buildings life including preliminary concept stage of an existing building, during construction, or as an audit review during the Occupation Certificate process.

Credwell can review the proposed materials for a new build or a renovation to help determine if the products proposed comply with the requirements of the Building Codes.

Credwell can review your building or design to help determine areas of the building that do not comply with Building Code and to provide options to comply.

Credwell can review your building or design to determine areas of the building that do not comply with Building Code or Council requirements and help to determine cost effective upgrade strategies.

As part of the completion of inspections for your building Credwell can issue a Statement of Compliance letter once all the contractors’ certificates and works have been completed to the Building Code requirements.

Credwell can help determine where the design varies from the requirements of the Building Codes and either help prepare a Performance Solution report or connect you to the correct expert with the right advice.

When your building is required to be upgraded, Credwell can review the existing building to determine cost effective upgrade strategies to satisfy Council requirements.

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