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Credwell is pleased to be providing a multi-disciplinary service on this market leading mixed-use project located at the Eastern Gateway precinct in Hurstville. Services provided by Credwell include BCA consulting, Access consulting and Sustainable Building services.
The mixed-use development consists of four residential towers over a common basement, with a hotel, retail and carparking facilities.
The master planned approach to this project sets out to connect residents of the 254 apartments, across four distinct buildings, to an active lifestyle with a strong connection to the “green heart” of the development.
Credwell ESD consultants have empowered the Architects to realise their objectives, allowing the building facades play with shadow and light and to provide a dynamic space, activated with shops, restaurants, laneways, and lobbies.
As a complex comprising multiple building classifications, the challenge for Credwell ESD consultants was to apply solar panel offsets to enable a consistent thermal specification throughout. This has ensured the façade colours remain aesthetically the same and facilitate the architectural objectives with the façade design.
Total site area
8,545 sqm
Non-Residential Area
11,500 sqm

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