Designing to Comply with the BCA | Design Compliance Declaration

By Zoe Brown, Associate

As a dedicated consulting firm, Credwell have years of experience in undertaking BCA audits on completed buildings. During this time, we have seen it all, and unfortunately in many cases what we have seen is how poor coordination of service designs, incorrect passive fire protection, and a lack of consideration for BCA compliance, results in a building riddled with compliance defects.

The cost involved to rectify defects post-construction is enormous, not to mention the disruption this causes the building occupants. Our aim is to use our specialist BCA knowledge and audit experience to assist designers in achieving BCA compliance during the design development stage before construction has commenced. What comes to mind is this one line that is often repeated throughout the industry:

“It is easier to move a line on a page than it is to move a wall on-site”

With the introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (D&BP Act), design practitioners must verify that their design achieves compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and they may rely on specialist advice to do so. The increased level of construction documentation that is now required to be submitted under the D&BP Act, enables Credwell to undertake more detailed assessment and provide more confidence that the proposed design achieves compliance with the BCA. Typically our detailed BCA reports for class 2 buildings are between 70-100 pages and include a BCA clause-by-clause assessment which can be relied upon as specialist advice for the design compliance declaration.

Through early engagement, we are able to assist designers with selecting suitable products and systems that comply with the BCA, and we are able to liaise directly with manufacturers to ensure the relevant evidence of suitability is provided. We are able to work closely with fire engineers and other consultants to ensure any deviations from BCA DtS provisions are suitably addressed with Performance Solutions.

As leaders in the industry, with strong involvement with industry associations, our aim is to stay ahead of building compliance issues and use our specialist knowledge and experience to mitigate risk for the entire project team.

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