Fire Safety Schedules – a step forward

By James Deters – Director Credwell

Certifiers, councils, industry practitioners, affected building owners and developers should be aware commencing on 1st August 2023 further amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) regulations will come into effect.

These amendments will require a Fire Safety Schedule (FSS) for a building to be in an approved form published by the NSW Government. The approved form can be downloaded using the link below here –

This newly approved form compliments the existing Fire Safety Certificate and Annual Fire Safety Statement templates previously published by the Government.

This newly approved form aims to reduce mistakes, errors, and ambiguities in schedules. The Credwell team fully supports the approved form as part of the Government improving fire safety in new and existing buildings reform package.

The Credwell Fire & Risk team is always here to help with your FSS requirements:

We can assist Building Owners and Owners Corporations by:

  • Establishing if your FSS is indeed correct;
  • Preparing FSS’s for buildings if no schedule exists; and
  • Approaching Council on your behalf to request that the FSS be reissued to correct errors and omissions.

To discover more about flexibility and options in building safety compliance please contact Credwell Fire & Risk at 02 9281 8555 or