Fire Safety Measures Assessment – Accreditation Counts

By Michael Barnes – Associate, Fire & Risk

Did you know that the person who endorses the Fire Safety Measures in a building on Fire Safety Statement (Annual or Supplementary) is required to hold an accreditation?

There are thirty-four (34) accreditation classes and not everyone out there is accredited to endorse all Fire Safety Measures.  Often several Accredited Practitioners will be required to endorse all fire safety measures in a building.

Unfortunately, we have seen a number of Fire Safety Statements recently that have some Fire Safety Measures endorsed by persons who do not hold an accreditation to endorse that measure.

Technically this means those Fire Safety Statements are non-compliant and could be rejected by the Council, or worse the system may not work correctly in an emergency as it has not been inspected, assessed and its performance confirmed by an appropriately Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety).

You can check a person’s accreditation and the fire safety measures they can endorse at: Fire Safety Assessment Practitioners Register (

As always, we are here to help with your Fire Safety Statement’s.

We can help by:

  • assisting with the coordination of your Fire Safety Statement;
  • providing independent advice on the compliance of Fire Safety Measures and contractor defect reports;
  • preparing specifications for the routine service, assessment and certification of essential fire safety measures.

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