JV3 – The Clever Resource

Credwell consultants know when a JV3 performance solution is the right approach for your project

The JV3 is an underused resource and all too often within the industry, outcomes are mediocre. We are changing this notion.

If the report’s intent is merely to demonstrate compliance – its value cannot be realised. It needs to do that and more.

When a professional comes to Credwell for a JV3, expectation is high, and we understand a JV3 report must be put to work.

What is a JV3?

A JV3 Assessment is a performance-based route to showing compliance with Section J at the CC Stage and is generated from a bespoke computer simulation.

This model uses window size, orientation, shading, internal heat gains, thermal mass, solar panels, roof colour etc to construct a replica of the actual build that can offset window and insulation specifications in a dynamic manner, where cost-savings can be identified and implemented for your build.

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Unlock the Benefits of a JV3

For  Architects

For Developers

For Project Managers 

Achieve measurable bottom-line savings and strengthen the sale price of your asset whilst increasing your project’s energy efficiency and lowering build and running costs.

More in-depth analysis using bespoke computer modelling and simulation which promotes and enhances building performance.

Minimise possible risk to your complex design with flexible and adaptable build options where needed.

Demonstrate your project’s excellence by creating and supporting a greener portfolio.

Credwell Sustainability Consultants have an enviable reputation for making a JV3 really work.

Credwell’s experience has shown that; aged care facilities, education and boarding campuses, shopping centres, office complexes and mixed-use buildings can all be enhanced with a properly applied JV3.

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