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Developers of a new four level, approx. 3500m2 aged care facility in Sydney wanted to provide an environment that residents were comfortable and happy with. The developer also required a reduction in build costs while maintaining compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
The developer expressed to Credwell the importance of the residents having a view without tinted glass. Electricity costs put pressure on designing for natural solar, so skylights and large windows were incorporated, however, these need to be off set against increased air conditioning costs.

Design Stage – Flexibility

Credwell worked with the consulting architects to provide options for design compliance for the larger window/wall ratios.
We were able to offset insulation with glazing specifications and vice versa at design stage. Solar panels were employed to reduce glazing specifications, achieving compliance with the larger sky-light designs.
Credwell modelled the effects of light/medium/dark colored roofs for simple energy efficiency alternatives and effects.

Building Stage – Value Engineering/Cost Savings (saving > $126,000 from original estimates)

Credwell helped specify one singular cost-effective standard glazing throughout the development. The thermal specifications were offset against insulation in the roof, colour of the roof, as well as solar on the extremely large roof footprint.
Credwell presented cost-effective options for other compliance areas such as different HVAC and lighting controls.

Operational Stage – Performance

  • Inputs such as; internal heat gains from appliances, people, lights, and solar are all considered.
  • The effects of shading and topographical design are considered in precise detail.
  • The effects and benefits of thermal mass are considered.
  • Better energy efficiency building performance is achieved through the holistic design approach of the JV3.

Results for Our Client

Residents were very happy with slightly tinted single glazing instead of very dark tinted double glazing, as well as the high levels of natural light.
The developer/builder was delighted with lower build cost, saving greater than $126,000 from the original estimates.
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