Western Australia – Looking Forward with Confidence

By Shane Barr,

Building Surveyor – Level 1 (Manager, Perth)

The word from DMIRS is that a suite of legislative changes are coming to WA, with a focus on improving confidence in the delivery of quality construction across the state.

The changes, discussed in brief by DMIRS at the Certifiers’ Information Day in late 2022, reflected the country and state-wide support for recommendations made in the Shergold-Weir Report, published in 2018 (Building Confidence Report).

To recap, some changes already introduced over the last year include the introduction of a Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors. The Conduct of Conduct charts the minimum expectations of registered building surveyors undertaking building surveying work in Western Australia.

With the one-year grace set to expire in a few weeks, the Code of Conduct comes into full effect on 8th April 2023.

The Code of Conduct outlines the obligations of a Building Surveyor, with specific duty-based requirements that relate to the avoidance of conflict of interest and recording of the decision-making process when undertaking their statutory function.
The registration of previously unregulated engineers who are involved in the design and construction of buildings has also been recommended in a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement, issued by DMIRS in January 2022.

Other changes, such as the introduction of increased mandatory inspections to be undertaken by Registered Building Surveyors have been highlighted as a priority within recommendations by DMIRS, although specific timeframes regarding changes to legislative instruments are yet to be provided. Such changes will bring legislation in the construction more in line with that in other states.

One thing is clear, we are moving toward a more progressive application of Building Surveying and Certification within Western Australia, with a focus on consumer confidence and decreasing potential building defects.

Here at Credwell, we work with our clients at each stage of building design and construction to ensure that building compliance is achieved.

We give architects, developers, and certifiers complete confidence that the provisions of the BCA have been met in full and provide straightforward solutions to compliance pinch points, allowing design development to reach its full potential.
Credwell also have a full team of in-house ESD Engineers who support a practical and flexible approach to sustainability, and a team of Fire Engineers who facilitate innovative design while ensuring the safety of building occupants.

We offer services such as:

  • Drawing mark-ups that highlight potential non-compliances and possible design considerations and solutions
  • Provision of BCA/Access compliance reports for Development Application purposes
  • Provisions of detailed BCA/Access reports, including an in-depth review of design details, systems, and materials specified at the construction stage
  • Assessment of proposed passive fire systems selected for installation
  • Inspections of passive fire systems; and
  • General BCA and Access inspections (critical stage inspections)
  • ESD design consultation and compliance advice
  • Fire Engineering (performance solution) services

To find out more about any of the services offered by Credwell Perth call 08 6383 8298 or contact info@credwell.com.au