What’s in a report? Understanding the value of a Credwell report

Every time we purchase a product we make a series of evaluations about its suitability, value and price. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, food, or something more significant such as a home. The higher the stakes, the more effort we are likely to put into evaluating the product offerings worth.

Evaluating the value of a service such as a BCA report is not as simple. After all, reports are just a bunch of words on paper and one is as good as another, right?

Construction in 2022 – Context

There is a clear message to the construction industry coming into 2022: you are accountable to the people of NSW to construct quality buildings the public can have full confidence in owning.

There are two camps when it comes to addressing regulation. The proactive and the reactive.

Historically, a sizeable portion of the building industry has been reactive, completing on the minimum required by law. This often results in BCA Consultants to be engaged once an issue has been identified.

Over the years we have been able to assist many of our clients to be more proactive. It’s far better (and more cost effective) to identify issues up front – than to rectify later. After all, time is money and being on the front foot saves time.

Reporting approach and the construction life cycle

Whether its BCA, Accessibility, Livable Housing Design (LHD), Essential Fire Safety, Sustainability, or any other service you require, the report writing process requires the same attention to detail and approach.

Stage 1 – Preliminary/Development Application Stage Consultancy

The renders are stunning, the stakeholders are excited, and it’s time to lodge the DA.

Before you do, Credwell can identify and intercept areas of the design that simply won’t pass the muster, however well intentioned. Engaging Credwell at the DA stage will keep your design moving in the right direction, cleverly balancing design intent at all times.

You are paying for the confidence of knowing the main issues, that would have triggered modified consent, have been addressed prior to lodgment and not after lodgment.

It also allows you to more accurately cost plan, as we can identify any required services that may not have been thought of.

Stage 2 – Detailed Design / Construction Certificate Documentation (CC)

Access consultancy is a specialist branch of BCA consulting. For this reason, we separate Access (stage 2B) from broader BCA (stage 2A) matters.

The BCA component is very much a ‘nuts and bolts’ assessment of the building to determine if products and construction practices can comply with the BCA.

Wherever possible, we recommend these services are conducted in unison. This provides cost savings to you, as assessments can cover all aspects.

As a truly independent consultancy, unencumbered by conflict of interest, Credwell can provide real world design advice – not just a compliance checklist.

Credwell have consistently demonstrated the benefits of a holistic approach to accessibility and broader BCA matters. We can also incorporate sustainability and energy regulation for a 360-degree service.

This also assists in the declared design process with us working hand in hand with your registered design practitioners.

Stage 3 – Early Construction Stage/Passive Fire Reviews

Early works evaluations provide an opportunity to review things like passive fire safety systems, to determine if the proposed systems are appropriate/compliant and properly translate into the systems installed.

This is one of the areas we most commonly find poor practice that will lead to defects if not identified and mitigated. Post construction invasive inspections and works are costly in the extreme and can be avoided.

Stage 4 – During Construction

The site is a buzz with activity, the sub-contractors are invoicing, and any delay can be extremely costly.

Our construction phase services help to minimise delays, as we conduct inspections that provide quality assurance and advice.  The certifier does not include this as part of the certification process as they are inspecting the works for high level compliance.

We swiftly respond to questions regarding all BCA and Access matters. Our responsiveness is a hallmark of dealing with Credwell. If you are asking the question, you probably needed the answer ten minutes ago.

Also under increasing scrutiny is the site itself. Our consultants will help you identify what is not up to scratch and could lead to a site shutdown.

Stage 5 – Project Completion

Preparing for the occupation certificate (OC) is another critical phase. Particularly for construction of residential apartment buildings, with building declaration requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you avoid costly rectification works leading into the granting of the OC.

The collaborative approach we take with our clients enables them to come to the end of construction phase with the assurance that the work is completed as correctly as humanly possible.

One of our long-time clients has summed up the value of working with Credwell perfectly:

“When often asked ‘how we can afford to have such top tier consultants deployed across all our projects’ the answer is quite simple, how can you afford not to! Our business prides itself on always being on the front foot, having Credwell on our team is not negotiable”. Tony Jabbour – Development Manager, Buildform Projects Pty Ltd.

Whatever stage your project is at, we are here to help.

For more information on any of our services please visit www.credwell.com.au or call 02 9281 8555.